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It's been years of struggling to please your professors. You've been sweating above a boiling cauldron, memorizing lists of ingredients and words of power, wrestling with temperamental beasts both mundane and fantastical. But now, your practicum has arrived. The Witches College has provided you with a cottage on the outskirts of a village full of demanding (but suspicious) citizens and stocked it with ingredients. You are to spend the next several weeks filling orders with no oversight. Words of your exploits will reach far and wide, but you must make sure they are the right words. This is a trial by fire; take care or burn.

Created for Global Game Jam 2016 with the theme of "ritual." Won second place for the site.

Choose a recipe from a villager on the right. The ingredients will appear on the lower left. Drag and drop the correct ingredients in order into your cauldron. Successfully completing a recipe in time earns you points. Choosing the wrong ingredients, adding the ingredients in the wrong order or not completing a recipe in time earns you infamy. Too much infamy gets you burned at the stake.

Install instructions

Downloads as a zip. After extracting, double click on "Build_5." Runs best in 1280x800 resolution.


Cauldron College.zip 31 MB

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